The Effect of Change on the National Health Service General Managers’ Information Needs - Page 3

Table 1: Category of Information Needs

Category of information needs

Changes in Information needs

General Information needs Future Information Needs Stakeholders, Org_grps Influence Decision making Market influence CSF, Aims & Obj Roles of the General Mgrs, Balance of Power Purchaser split Provider split D o H influences
Finance Cost effective data   X                  
  Income & Expenditure/ Financial data X X X X X X X X   X  
General Political X X               X X
  Simple understandable data   X                  
  Staff opinions X                 X  
  Accurate, Timely and quality data   X X     X          
  Complex unlimited data   X       X          
  Sensitive data to aims & Objectives   X       X          
  Communications with GPs   X X                
  Communications with the  Community   X X                
  Communication data X X X X              
  Patient focussed data     X                
Marketing Marketing data X                 X  
  Local Purchaser demands   X     X X   X   X  
  Purchasing intentions data X         X       X  
  GP requirements X         X       X  
  Patient / Customer feedback X               X   X
Monitoring Reporting mechanisms             X        
  Statistical Data X X         X        
  Corporate data X X         X        
  Management data for the Organisation X     X              
  Business Plan Monitoring data   X         X        
  Organisation monitoring data             X        
Perform-ance Quality performance data X                    
  Contract performance data X X   X X X X X X X  
  Waiting list data   X                 X
  Patient Charter Standards   X       X X X     X
  Performance Monitoring data X     X   X X       X
  Stakeholder Complaints data   X                 X
  User Approval data             X        
  Competitor performance data           X   X      
  Benchmarking data X           X       X
  DoH target data             X       X
  Performance Target data               X     X
Planning National trends/ Demographic data X               X    
  Patient Healthcare needs data               X X    
  Local population health needs data X       X       X    
  Service Planning data X X       X          
Results Clinical Effectiveness/outcome data X   X     X X        
  Clinical (Descriptive data)   X                  
  Customer satisfaction data X X X                
  Evidence based medicine data       X   X          
  Non Clinical Outcome Data   X   X   X     X    
  Health outcome data         X       X   X
  Medical Audit   X                  
  Efficiency data   X   X   X          

Figure 2: Pressures of the Work Environment on the Organisation

Pressures of the Work Environment on the Organisation

Due to the overriding influence of the business and market environment (Figure 2) which had led to improved communications with the stakeholders on issues such as quality and customer satisfaction, the General Managers have become proactive to change and their relationships with their stakeholders more positive.

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