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Figure 3: Pressures on the Information Needs of the General Managers

Pressures on the Information Needs of the General Managers

The General Managers needed more accurate, timely and complex information due to the changes in the balance of power between the stakeholders especially the increasing influence of the patients and the local community in the provision of local healthcare. These changes in information needs reflected the pressures (Figure 3) placed upon them.

The data described in Table 1 has enabled a series of outline models of information need to be developed reflecting the requirements of the General Managers. The diagrams shown start to describe the information needs model for the General Managers. Figure 3 and Figure 4 show models of the pressures and influences that affect the General Managers’ information needs.

Figure 4: Model of Influences affecting Information Needs

Model of Influences affecting Information Needs

Figure 5 is a simple model showing the General Managers’ information needs by category and level of importance. In the model (Figure 5) the level of importance has been derived from the data in Table 1 which indicates how often a category of information need is associated for example, with an influencer or change agent such as a stakeholder or DoH policies.

These models of information needs are only the first steps in developing a more complex and common model of information needs across the General Managers’ organisational groups that will allow, when assessed against key success factors, a judgmental view of the ability of both the General Managers and their organisations to deliver their aims and objectives. However, further research would be advantageous in looking at the changes (if any) that have occurred in the General Managers’ information needs as a result of the current political and organisational climate. This would be in the anticipation that the research together with the models of information needs described, would help to facilitate the future development of a model of information that would permit a consistent view of organisational performance to be made.

Figure 5: Model of Information Needs

Model of Information Needs

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